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Know the Evidence Meta Study Review Update- 2022

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Know the Evidence Update- 2022A report of the NQA Research and Education Committee

Contributors:Joseph Baumgarden DPT;CJ Rhoads, M.Ed., D.Ed.;Martha Fiddes PT, GCS;Kevin Siddons, Ed.D.Charles Garrettson, BA MAR PhD.

Introduction to Clinical Research Evidence

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the available research, assessing therapeutic benefitsof qigong and tai chi practice by clinical area, since the last update in 2019. This updatefollows the same format and will discuss systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and key majorstudies from January 2019 through April 15, 2022. As before, the commentary will include a summary of the findings.

The papers that serve as the foundational documents for this report are:

Posting Name Link to Article on NQA Website

Know the Evidence 2016 (Original )

Know the Evidence Update 2017

Know the Evidence Update 2019 of Update

The amount of research on tai chi and qigong is increasing demonstrably. In 2016, in our first“Know the Evidence” series of articles, we were only able to find 19 systematic reviews andmajor studies to discuss. In 2019 we reviewed 34. The early research was able to be writtenup by a single person. This year we are reviewing over 125, so it takes a group of researchersto complete the work.It is obvious that the scientific evidence for tai chi and qigong health benefits is getting strongerand stronger. Nonetheless, some difficulties that were named in the past are still appearing asproblematic. One recurring problem was small sample sizes, causing the evidence sometimesto be deemed “low level” despite being positive. Larger samples are the trend, however. As would be expected (and which is true), every researcher ended their conclusions with thesentiment that more, larger and higher quality studies are needed to confirm that tai chi andqigong are as beneficial as these overwhelmingly positive preliminary results appear to demonstrate. As a result, in this document this advice will not be repeated as it applies to every single article.